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My influences in the art world are very diverse, but most of them are inspired by nature.


Andy Goldsworthy - His patience, his determination, the concept of ephemeral art, his respect for nature and the beauty of his creations - I find so many aspects of his work inspiring. Since childhood, I realised that I see a different side to nature than other people, and his work motivates me to delve deeper into my own perception of the natural world.

Theo Jansen captivated me with his ‘Animaris designs for a new nature’. He really gave life to his pieces. It has been said of Michelangelo that his sculptures need but a hammer-knock to come alive, breathe and walk. Jansen’s kinetic creations need just a little push. I find them fascinating!

Hundertwasser is another artist I identify strongly with - his love for bright colours, organic forms, his reconciliation of humans with nature, and a strong individualism, rejecting straight lines. He was also an environmental activist. I have a lot of respect for his versatility, choosing to not limit himself to a single technique or medium and the way he created a unique style that was as easy to recognise as a brand. I’m aware it sounds a little childish, but if I had to create a top 10 of artistic influences, he would definitely be in my top three.

Sanaa, the Japanese architectural duo - I love the pure lines of their modern designs and the way their architectural design of the outside of the building continues within the building, making their creation beautiful in every corner and visible surface.

Josef Hoffmann is an architect I like, especially the work he produced during a period when he increasingly designed functional structures and domestic products.

Art Nouveau is a total art style: It embraces a wide range of fine and decorative arts, including architecture, painting, graphic art, interior design, jewellery, furniture, textiles, ceramics, glass art, and metal work. After, it was replaced by Art Deco and, later, Modernism. I am fascinated by the new use of materials they introduced, the soft natural movements and their use of light.


Pre-Raphaelites I like for their poetic view of the world, their love for detail and perfection of beauty, and their symbolic drama which creates a passionate tale in each of the paintings.

Marcel Duchamp and his Readymades has strongly influenced my conceptual art.

Chema Madoz’s photos with double meanings are also one of my favourites. I love the clever simplicity of this artist, who takes a lot of attention to detail. I feel that he and I are kindred spirits - with our attention to the tiniest detail, and ability to perceive the world differently and thereby see, and reveal, things that others cannot yet see.


Each of these artists feed my curiosity to know more about art and every element of the world around me and to find beauty and interesting things to learn from even the most humble of everyday activities.

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