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I grew up in a coastal village in the north west of Spain and it was there that my love for the beauty of nature was born. 


My passion for art started early, encouraged by my maternal grandfather and parents. I developed my artistic skills by attending different schools, after school classes, and every course I could find.


Aged 17 I moved to Paris. Although I was there just four months, that experience and the independence it gave me changed my perspective about so many things that it changed the direction of my life. Above all, it reinforced the love I have for the world of art. Through the Bolivian Embassy I was fortunate to have the opportunity to organise an exhibition about the painter Jose Ostria. Aged 17, this felt like a huge responsibility and I was proud of the way I managed myself and the people around me to achieve a successful event. That experience made me decide that my career would be in art no matter how challenging the journey to achieve it might be. 


I studied Fine Art in Salamanca, Spain, a prestigious university and the second oldest in Europe. Then I completed a Master’s in Events Management, Specialising in Sculpture and Installations at Venice Fine Arts University. In that year I also worked as a guide during the 2010 Venice Art Biennale. That work gave me enough experience to make me feel comfortable managing big groups and solve problems quickly in public.


During my studies I also developed a strong interest in education and what I could do through teaching to improve society, for example by promoting people’s ability to think more critically about the world in which we live and our place within it.This additional pedagogical passion led me to complete a second Master’s degree in Education and Professional Development. 


So far I have lived in Italy, France and the UK and visited 14 other countries. I love to immerse myself in different cultures, visit particular places and meet unique people. I’m not a conventional tourist, but a cultural explorer - I love to hear people’s individual stories, new points of view and find myself in unusual objects in unusual places.


At the moment I live in central London, combining the development of my personal art projects with being a creative teacher of children and adults.

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