Spanish Lessons

I believe that a positive early experience of learning is crucial to future success. My methods strongly focus on inclusivity and I strive to stimulate curiosity and inspire students to think in new ways to learn Spanish language and culture. My classes also encourage learning outside of the classroom and give the foundation needed to communicate in an increasingly competitive world.

Beginner - Intermediate - Advance

First lesson:

- Quick test of writing, reading, and speaking, to detect the areas they need to improve. Understand their needs, motivations and difficulties.

Second lesson and following lessons:

- The lessons will be flexible and adapted to the progress of the student or students and their end goals. 


First lesson:

- A quick speaking test to detect the areas they need to improve. This will help to understand their needs, motivations and difficulties.

Second lesson and following lessons:

-  The lessons will be flexible and adapted to the progress of the

students and their end goals.

-  Content will depend on the level of the student. We will agree a list

of different topics and I will provide a guide list of vocabulary related to the topic and some questions. Always I will add a common idiom everyday people use and some formal words. This will help to make their conversation as rich as possible.

-  I aim to create a comfortable, safe learning environment where the student will feel safe to develop their speaking skills, for example in their own home. We will then move to other environments, for example a cafe, where they can further develop confidence in speaking Spanish. 


These lessons are custom made to teach the type of vocabulary the student wants to learn in more detail. For example a doctor who wants to know the names of surgical instruments, or everyday phrases that laypeople understand to communicate about their health. 


All the focus will be on reviewing and strengthening understanding of the part of the grammar the student needs. 

Baby play and learn Spanish

These lessons are designed to give the best advice to parents to help them introduce a second language to their babies. This includes looking at the best tools to use, how to make the experience fun and not frustrating, how to create a positive learning atmosphere at home and help their baby feel comfortable with a new language.

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Lessons can be delivered at the student’s home, or in public places (for example schools, colleges, a local library, cafe, etc.) In the case of large, regular groups I can provide a classroom.

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Taster Lessons & Free Lessons

Taster lessons must be paid in advance. If you buy a pack of 10 lessons, you will get an eleventh one free.

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My travel costs are often included in the price, although this will depend on the distance.

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The duration of lessons will be adapted to the age and maturity of the students. The prices are indicative as they will depend on the duration of the class and size of the group.

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Groups will be arranged taking into account the students’ knowledge of the language, and the topics will be adapted depending on their needs and interests. Groups can be made for different ages and topics at the same time in the case of bespoke classes for families or groups of friends.

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All the materials are custom made for the students. I can also provide extra learning material to explore and stimulate your learning in your free time.

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