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Art Courses

As an artist, I am uncompromisingly passionate about my work. This is equally true whether occupied with my own projects, or teaching others art history and technique. My own work involves multiple disciplines from large-scale social projects to drawing, sculpture and design. When teaching although I draw on some of my own experience as an artist, I also make use of my knowledge as a fine art graduate and professional educator. I work with students to develop their imagination, creativity, and confidence so that they can progress in whatever direction best matches their interests and talents.


An introduction to students using the figure. They will gain an understanding of form by first learning to draw various geometric shapes and objects. Students will experiment with drawing media, charcoal and pencil drawing, shading, colour mixing, and mark making. They will explore the basic anatomy of the body, and the shapes within its structure, its overall silhouette, proportions, composition and scale. They will also practice lines, creating tone, and movement of the body.


Students learn how to sculpt using clay and plaster, including how to make a base or structure for the sculpture. They will also learn how to make a copy in positive and negative and how to repair broken pieces.


Students are introduced to the fundamental techniques for painting. They can choose to specialise and focus on a single technique or begin to learn all of them. Their choices include: colour mixing techniques, colour values, and painting application techniques, such as graphite, charcoal, chalk pastel, oil pastel, oil paint, watercolour, and acrylic paint. In addition they have the opportunity to make their own canvas and basic frames as well as learn how to clean and take care of their tools, and how to store paintings safely.


These courses specialise in teaching, and improving upon specific skills and subjects. Students can choose between portraits, landscapes, still life, animals, anatomical and figure drawing, and mixed technique.

Art History

The content of these courses depend on the interests of the students. This can be a more general overview and introduction; a longer, deeper exploration of the history of art; or students can choose a period they are most interested in and we can focus on this in a lot of detail. All students will learn how to make the relationship between their knowledge and analyse pieces of art from the periods that are covered.

Art and Crafts

Make small, decorative item and gifts for Christmas and other special occasions. Learn how to recycling old broken items into new, trendy decorative objects.


Depending on the age group and experience of students this will involve learning some basic techniques using safe household items like potatoes. More advanced classes will learn how to engrave using wood and metal, including how to etch with acid.

Art Therapy

This course not intended to replace any medical therapy. It is a short course, for individuals or small groups, designed for people who have suffered accidents or illness, to regain their confidence by learning something new or by regaining old skills. It can also be adapted to compliment some therapies, for example by including movements recommended by a physiotherapist, or by excluding movements that might cause more injury. The course includes learning to adapt techniques to injuries and abilities and gain the confidence to join the other courses on offer.

Fashion and Accesory Recycling

Make your own new t-shirt. Create some unique clothes for your children. Breathe new life into your old clothes and accessories.

Making miniatures

Learn to create models and miniatures using a variety of methods, including a traditional technique from South America that involves using stale bread to make a pliable dough that we then bake in the oven.


Give new life to your old furniture, and learn to use your creativity to make new furniture from old furniture, as well as reusing household items that you might otherwise throw away.


I teach how to make basic figures, choose the correct paper for each figure, and how to make pop-up postcards.

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Lessons can be delivered at the student’s home, or in public places (for example museum, park, etc.) In the case of large, regular groups I can provide a classroom.

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My travel costs are often included in the price, although this will depend on the distance.​

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The duration of lessons will be adapted to the age and maturity of the students. The prices are indicative as they will depend on the duration of the class and size of the group.

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Taster Lessons & Free Lessons

Taster lessons must be paid in advance. If you buy a pack of 10 lessons, you will get an eleventh one free.

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By agreement I can provide materials at cost, or I am happy to suggest where to buy them at a reasonable price.

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This blog was created with the intention to give my honest, straightforward, informed opinion about the art galleries, collections and museums I have visited. I also love castles, stately homes and gardens – so you can expect them to feature too. 


Some of the content draws on my own training and interests as an artist – for example my love of architecture, furniture design, and the Pre-Raphaelites. Other comments will be more practical – is it child friendly; wheelchair-friendly; and just how good is the cheesecake?

This page aims to promote and disseminate news, articles, curiosities and events related to the worlds of art, design, architecture, museums, exhibitions, artists, performances, workshops and fashion. This page also aims to provide a link between artists and new fans, and introduce new people to these wonderful worlds of art and creativity.


Groups will be arranged taking into account the students’ knowledge of the language, and the topics will be adapted depending on their needs and interests. Groups can be made for different ages and topics at the same time in the case of bespoke classes for families or groups of friends.

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