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Holy Island, Lindisfarne Abbey and Castle.

This an amazing natural environment and it was nice not to see buildings for a while. It was a perfect place for long walks, cycling with the family and horse riding. But beware the tide table, or you will find yourself in trouble more quickly than you thought.

The village was really cute but so full of holiday accommodation that this broke the spirit of the place a bit. In my opinion the parking is a bit expensive, but it does protect the island from being overrun with cars. They need to empty the rubbish bins more often because the place gets very busy and seeing piles of refuse around the public bins did not look good.

Lindisfarne Abbey I have to say there isn't one of my favourite abbeys. There is not much to see, and with so many people visiting at the same time, again lost the spirit of the abbey. Perhaps you need to visit during the week to really appreciate it.

Lindisfarne Castle is undergoing a huge restoration project at the moment. After we walked to reach the castle, we found we could not go in. It would have been helpful to put up some prominent signs that it was not accessible and perhaps some panels to explain visually what the castle looks like and what the restoration was for. At the foot of the castle there is a beautiful and unique picnic area with only two wooden picnic tables, which made it a bit private.

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