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Beamish Museum

This open air museum is an amazing example of how to make history fun and easy to understand for all ages and cultures.

The staff do a very good job to try to immerse you in the different time periods of the 1820s, 1900s and 1940s.

The price is really good because the ticket is valid for the whole year.

To enjoy everything in one day you would need to rush quite a lot, and you will miss a lot of the unique items they have on display. This includes taking time to be part of the music band event, see how bread was made (and taste it!) - a unique atmosphere.

It is worth visiting several times in the year because they have special events to celebrate different seasons and festivals – their website tells you what is coming up.

The carpark is very well designed and organised and they do not charge extra for it. There are also regular bus services for those without a car, also the transport inside is free, with buses and a tram. Most areas are wheelchair accessible, although not all the buildings are accessible because of lack of space in the old original building. The staff are happy to provide information about things that you might otherwise miss.

Food is very good and reasonable priced. In some places you will have to queue, but because there is so much to see you can come back later when the queue is less. The chip shop is so good though, that you will have to queue at all times – totally worth the wait though.

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